About Ktek Canada

Ktek Canada provides high quality European & American standard smart home equipment. KTEK Canada products include smart relays, smart sensors, smart Plug & Play and smart Locks.


  • DIN mountable WiFi relay with power meter that supports 40 Amperes aggregated
  • The smallest WiFi relay in the world that fits behind the light switch and works in two-way (double direction)
  • WiFi relay with Roller shutter functionality
  • Slim and stylish WiFi plug that supports 12 Amperes
  • WiFi-based IR transmitter for TV and AC
  • WiFi LED Smart bulb
  • WiFi smart RGBW LED controller
  • WiFi Smoke Sensor
  • High Definition Camera
  • Light/Humidity/Temperature sensors


With our products you will be able to

 Control the sprinklers to water the lawn

 Open and close roller shutters

 Control and dim lights

 Control home appliances

 Get notification when the laundry is done

 Make your heater smart to turn off when it's warm enough

 Schedule your water heater operation

 Dozens of other use cases