The SMART direction is the GREEN direction!

For many of us, the main reasons to implement smart home technology are safety, comfort and savings however these are not the only benefits we should consider while deciding on a home automation system. There are billions of households worldwide that can contribute to positive environmental change simply by monitoring the use of electricity.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is to use affordable smart home solutions. These systems combine home appliances into one programmable, highly configurable solution that allows the user to easily optimize energy consumption. After configuring the system, the only thing to do is to control the devices from your smartphone application.

So, how exactly are you supporting the environment by using smart home solutions?

1. By less energy wasted on heating and cooling.
As smart heating and cooling systems can be operated remotely, you can regulate the temperature in your home, even when you are not there. If your kid leaves the door open, the system can be programmed to automatically turn off cooling or heating. You will also save energy by turning on the heat or AC only when you need it and adjusting the temperature when no one’s home.

2. More effective use of lighting, water and household appliances
Driveway lights can be programmed to turn on only when the user returns home after dark. If you forgot to turn your lights off, the system can send you an SMS notification and turn it off using the application. The flood sensors can be placed in out-of-the-way locations to recognize the leaks, saving you money in repairs and preventing water from being wasted.

3. Awareness and a better understanding of energy consumption
Home automation allows you to look in detail at-home energy use and understand where there is room for improvement. Thanks to the constant monitoring of consumption and the adaptation of individual schemes, the user is able to save energy and contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

Since smart homes are good for both our wallets and the planet, what are you waiting for?