What is a Smart Home?
Did you dream about controlling your home remotely just like Tony Stark does by using Jarvis? Did you notice Blade Runner's legacy in the newest smart home solutions? Until recently, an intelligent house was a futuristic vision from science-fiction books or movies, now it is already boldly implemented in the real world and widely in Canada. The ability to remotely manage home appliances, lighting, and the temperature is tempting and already achievable vision. Therefore, articles on smart home solutions are met with great curiosity; however, the key is to present it in a simple, understandable-for-everyone way.

First of all, there is no one definition of such a technology. The term "smart home" is used to describe the complex management processes of the entire building and individual devices available to the average consumer. How to make your home intelligent, control the home appliances, saving electricity and the environment, and keep your loved ones safe? Which smart home devices are worth buying? We will present the most interesting and reliable items to make your home more comfortable.

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