Smart Lighting Uncovered
Smart lighting is a real gamechanger in household management.

LED bulbs turn on by themselves following the sunrise and sunset. They can adjust the light intensity by themselves according to your mood and needs. You can easily control all light sources by simply connecting the bulbs to a mobile application that controls the operation of the system.

Intelligent lighting management (Shelly dimmer) allows you to turn on and off individual lamps and entire circuits in rooms, control the brightness and colours of smart bulbs, control lighting in passageways (e.g. illuminating the driveway to the garage, stairs to the attic, you name it). You can also configure the light so that at night, in rooms where you need it (e.g. in the kitchen or in a baby's room) it works with reduced intensity. In a large house, there must be many light sources, to independently turn each of them on and off, you would normally need multiple buttons.

With smart lighting management, it is possible to have a single system that allows you to program different lighting plans. Smart bulbs offer the possibility of smooth brightening and dimming, changing the colour temperature, mixing colours, lighting with coloured light. All to comfort you at your home as much as you need after a hard-working day. You can adjust the light to the changing conditions outside the window. A modern bulb can generate light of any colour to match the current activity or our mood. Warm light will be perfect for relaxing during long winter evenings, more intense light will be useful for studying and reading.

Last but not least, smart lightning is following interior design trends. Shelly Vintage bulb is not only smart but it also looks spectacular.