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The smallest, smartest & most powerful Wi-Fi switch providing the best home automation solution.

Shelly 1


No HUB required – Connect Shelly 1 directly to your Wi-Fi at home.

Control remotely

Control the lighting at home, no matter where you are. No more lights left on and coming home in darkness.

Highly compatible

Compatible with Android, iOS, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Control your appliance with your voice.

Wide range of voltage support

Shelly 1 can be used to control a wide range of devices and appliances.

Sunrise/Sunset schedules

Shelly 1 can automatically follow the sunrise and sunset and control your lighting accordingly.

Weekly schedules

Choose a time and set your lighting to turn on/off or dim precisely when you want it to.

Rest API

Use our REST API to connect Shelly 1 to your existing home automation system.

Go Live

Easily make your Arduino project live and usable in your automation project.

Why Shelly 1

The most intelligent device you can have.
We developed Shelly 1 with an integrated WEB interface for device management and secure OTA update. You can set your weekly schedules for On/Off without the need of any additional equipment. Shelly 1 knows your location, gives you high security and provides device access control.

Use with any appliance

Shelly 1 supports wide range of AC and DC power supply and you can control a wide range of devices and appliances.

Small size full of functionalities

Intelligently designed to fit in most standard electrical boxes and switches. Shelly 1 is smaller than two cookies stacked together.

Countdown timer

No more forgetting to turn appliances off. The integrated countdown timer can automatically switch off your oven after an hour.

Easy to install

Setting up Shelly1 is as easy as one-two-three. You can do it all by yourself

Lighting control

Are you about to watch a movie, all set up on the sofa with popcorn in your lap? Or maybe you are going to bed and need to switch off all the lights, so annoying. To avoid these unpleasant situations, install Shelly 1 at home, and you will be able to control your lights with just one tap via your smartphone, or with your voice. With the compact size of Shelly 1 you can make any light switch smart for less than $15.

Garage door control

Did you forget to close the garage? With Shelly 1, when leaving home, you can easily open and close your garage door without worrying that you may have left it open. Shelly 1 has operation voltages of 12V and 24-60V DC, which allows the control of most garage doors on the market.

Irrigation system

Having a green and beautiful yard is a hard task. With Shelly 1’s ability to have automated garden sprinklers, you can be sure that your grass will always be well watered. Тhe device can also follow the sun and water your garden after sunset to avoid getting your plants burnt.

Door Bell notification

Often, when you are at home and doing various things at the same time, you can miss out on the postman or your guests. Avoid these situations with Shelly 1 as it allows you to connect it to your doorbell and receive an instant notification when someone is at the front door.

Door Lock control

You are in a rush for work, but halfway to your office, you start hesitating if you have locked the door or not. Sounds familiar? Shelly 1 lets you manage your door lock remotely. You can lock and unlock it, so whatever happens, you will be at peace, knowing your home is safe.

Motion sensor with light control

Garden walks in the evening help you relax after a busy day, and with Shelly 1, you won’t have to come back to turn on the lights. With Shelly 1 and a motion detector, you may use it as a motion detection switch for your outdoor lights. Wandering around your garden has never been more careless and pleasant.

One application countless possibilities

With the best cloud service in the world, user-friendly interface, scenes, bulk control, and much more, the Shelly Cloud application allows you to control your home from anywhere. Each Shelly can be integrated and works with all other Shelly devices in the Shelly app.

Full Compatibility

Shelly devices are compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Android, and iOS. With the voice assistants, you can command Shelly 1 with your voice without having a smartphone around.

“Ok, Google, open Garage Door”

“Alexa, turn off the TV”

“Ok, Google, open Garage Door”

For Developers

Shelly 1 is open to the world and developers. Shelly devices are secured but, at the same time, allow everyone to use them easily in new and existing projects. With the embedded web server and HTTP commands, Shelly can be made compatible with your existing home automation system.

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